U.S. Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands' long standing, enviable international reputation is not solely based on pristine beaches, warm weather, and crystal-clear waters - they are the most culturally diverse, ethnically rich, and artistically vibrant society in the tropics. The biggest asset is its sun-kissed people - who are island-spiced, friendly and happy. The Islanders are literally from everywhere and are as diverse as peaceful Arawak and fierce Carib Indians---and as culturally rich as peoples of Africa, England, Holland, Denmark, Spain, France, India and the United States. Nowhere else in the Caribbean offers such a good vacation value as the US Virgins. Secluded beaches. National Parks. Duty-free shopping. Campgrounds. Kayaking. Hiking. Ecological tours. World-class diving. Superb sailing. Tropical forests. Local craftsmen. Island art. Sunbathing. Fine Dining. Nightlife. And it's all wrapped up in the safety, security, and efficiency of the American flag. The United States Virgin Islands. St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. Three lively islands -- one gentle people.

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