Saariselka is located in norther Finland, the village is a popular tourist destination with so many activities to offer its guests. The village alone has 350 inhabitants and belongs to the Inari municipality, which has one of the largest Sami communities in Finland. Saariselka is also home to Magnetic Hill, which was an important part of history to the Finns during WWII. One of the experiences most favorited in the area is the light showings of the norther lights, also known as the aurora borealis. Enjoy plenty of activities in the village, such as skiing, dog sledding and don’t forget to visit the reindeer farms.

Date Title Supplier From Price Offer ID
5/29/2017 - 8/21/2017 15-Nights Northern Highlights & The Arctic Circle Cosmos $2789 1246783
7/31/2017 - 8/14/2017 15-Nights Northern Highlights & The Arctic Circle Cosmos $2789 1248591
8/27/2017 - 9/15/2017 19-Nights Nordic Adventure Trafalgar $4395 1250463

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