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Lacy Adam Wittmer
Direct Line: 800.571.4602
Lacy Adam Wittmer
 I was born in raised in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. My professional career and love for travel has allowed me to discover and enjoy many unique and diverse countries covering 4 continents including Asia, North America, Europe and South America. My expertise is Cruising as have I worked and lived on Cruise ships for 6 years with responsibilities in entertainment, shore excursion and tourism. I currently reside in San Diego California where I am starting a family and staying true to my love of travel by assisting others experience their dreams locations, with excitement, relaxation and adventure. My specialized interest and favorite destinations are Hawaii and Disney, however, I will always love the unique relaxation the Caribbean offers at great value. Finally, my true passion are Destination weddings. I lived my dream wedding and want to help you experience yours (For Free). I am available to you for all travel desires sharing my best memories to help you experience yours. I invite you to become part of my travel family. 



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