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6-Nights Simply Affordable Japan
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Simply Affordable Japan
Personalize this Japan tour with our choice of city-center hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto. Then immerse in the daily life, vibrant spirit and scenic beauty of Japan as your own personal English-speaking Japanese guide brings their history and culture to life.

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Huge department stores brim with shoppers, neon flashes from dusk to dawn, and the entire world pays heed to the slightest fluctuation on the Nikkei Index. From the Imperial Palace and Meiji Shrine to the fabled Ginza district, 20th-century Tokyo is an intriguing composite of East and West. Yuppies sporting Walkmen bow formally in greeting. Women in kimonos and Dior suits stroll side-by-side. Geishas play samisens while disc jockeys play the Top Forty. Japanese houses of wood and paper stand in the shadow of towering steel and mortar. Not far away, one of the world's most impressive sights soars 12,388 feet to its snow-clad peak: Mount Fuji, the majestic symbol of Japan.

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Kyoto, as publicized in guidebooks and travel magazines, is a very special city in Japan. In Kyoto, the past still lives on in nearly 2,000 shrines and temples, six historical preservation districts and an abundance of beautiful natural scenery. Through close connections with other forms of culture such as the tea ceremony and performing arts and festivals, textile, dye, ceramics, 'sake'-brewing, fans, dolls, and lacquerware industries, which were supported by imperial, religious and political rulers throughout Kyoto's history, continue to thrive as they were passed down through generations. Kyoto's technological prowess continues to attract worldwide attention. Also, Kyoto is also known as a center of educational and research. It is therefore no surprise Kyoto became the first city in Japan to emerge as a major convention destination and continues to be unrivalled in its popularity. Kyoto has preserved and continues to develop those factors which make it the ideal convention destination: history, culture, tradition, academics, technological progress, accessibility and professional experience in conference management.
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May 2022
05/07/202207/21/2022$3,799 per person
05/07/202207/21/2022$4,899 per person
05/07/202207/21/2022$5,999 per person
August 2022
08/09/202208/23/2022$3,799 per person
08/09/202208/23/2022$4,899 per person
08/09/202208/23/2022$5,999 per person
September 2022
09/23/202211/30/2022$3,799 per person
09/23/202211/30/2022$4,899 per person
09/23/202211/30/2022$5,999 per person
December 2022
12/01/202212/22/2022$3,799 per person
12/01/202212/22/2022$4,399 per person
12/01/202212/22/2022$5,699 per person
January 2023
01/06/202302/28/2023$3,799 per person
01/06/202302/28/2023$4,399 per person
01/06/202302/28/2023$5,699 per person
March 2023
03/01/202304/27/2023$3,799 per person
03/01/202304/27/2023$4,899 per person
03/01/202304/27/2023$5,999 per person
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