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Greece/Greek Isles
10-Nights Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini
Greece/Greek Isles
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Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini
It’s impossible to resist the scintillating allure of the Greek Islands-oases of whitewashed churches, ancient monuments, and sidewalk cafes on the shores of the Aegean Sea. Your adventure begins in Athens, where centuries-old archaeological sites form a classical backdrop to a blossoming, trendy downtown. In Mykonos, wander the shops, bars, and restaurants along the water, or spend an afternoon reading on its white sand beaches. Take a ferry to Santorini to explore the hilltop community of Oia and witness the stunning spectacle of the island’s multicolored cliffs. Heavenly cuisine, rich history, and views that will make you swoon: What’s not to love?

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Even though you've probably come here to see the "glory that was Greece," perhaps best symbolized by the Parthenon and the superb statues and vases in the National Archaeological Museum, allow some time to make haste slowly in Athens. Your best moments may come sitting at a small cafe, sipping a tiny cup of the sweet sludge that the Greeks call coffee, or getting hopelessly lost in the Plaka -- only to find yourself in the shady courtyard of an old church, or suddenly face to face with an ancient monument you never knew existed. With only a little advance planning, you can find a good hotel here, eat well in convivial restaurants, enjoy local customs such as the refreshing afternoon siesta and the leisurely evening volta (promenade or stroll) -- and leave Athens planning to return, as the Greeks say, tou chronou (next year).
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Mykonos's many captivating attributes make it one of the most celebrated Greek holiday islands. Its main village is a colorful maze of narrow streets lined with white-washed houses, many with bright blue doors and shutters. As an attractive backdrop, famous windmills are lined up like toy soldiers on the hillside, vestiges of a time when wind power was used to grind grain. Mykonos has churches and chapels scattered about the island; quite a number of them are located right in town. Radiant flowers spill over white-washed walls and shady courtyards. In addition to swimming, sunning, water-skiing and surfing, visitors find endless shopping opportunities. Artists have relied on Mykonos' beautiful setting to inspire them. The most photographed site is the Paraportiani, a cluster of white-washed churches resting below windmills. Mykonos's museums include an Archaeological Museum, which houses relics from the Trojan War, a Folk Art Museum and a Maritime Museum. The best beaches are Aghios Stephanos, Psarou, Kalafatis, Onros, Panormos and Elia.
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Santorini is everything that has made the Greek islands legendary. The world famous island of Santorini is the southern most island of the Cycladic group in the Aegean Sea, and is located north of Crete. Its population is distributed among thirteen villages and just exceeds nine thousand. The marvelous dry climate and unbroken sunshine create year around conditions which are perfect for observation, photographs and videos under an extraordinary variety of natural lights and colors.
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10/09/202210/20/2022$1,999 per person
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10/11/202210/22/2022$1,999 per person
10/12/202210/23/2022$1,999 per person
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10/16/202210/27/2022$1,999 per person
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10/18/202210/29/2022$1,999 per person
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