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6-Nights Luxury Line: London & Paris
Western Europe
Europe Express
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Europe Express

Luxury Line: London & Paris

The first half of your elegant European getaway will take place in the merry city of London. Experience this wonderful city’s top sights with the benefit of expert guiding. Visit its many beautiful parks, and make the most of its outstanding dining and theatre offerings. Then travel first-class by train to France’s chic capital. While in Paris a local guide will show you the City of Light’s most exciting attractions, and you’ll also have time to enjoy Paris’ many bakeries, bistros, boutiques, department stores and fantastic museums.

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London is undoubtedly one of the world's finest cities. In addition to numerous monuments from its more glorious past, London is equally well-known for its pageantry and tradition. London has something for everyone - wide boulevards buzzing with excitement far into the night, quiet squares and explorable alleyways. Visit this famous city's parks, museums, galleries, monuments, abbeys and churches, skyscrapers and ruins, Georgian squares. Take in such events as the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower, or the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, or even one of the many theatrical productions. Some of the most exclusive shops are found along Oxford, Bond and Regent Streets. An old favorite and one of the world's premier institutions is Harrods - offering everything from Chanel suits and sliced salmon to caviar and even pets.
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Valid Date Ranges

November 2019
11/14/201911/21/2019$2,599 per person
11/15/201911/22/2019$2,699 per person
11/16/201911/23/2019$2,799 per person
11/17/201911/24/2019$2,699 per person
11/18/201911/25/2019$2,599 per person
11/19/201911/26/2019$2,499 per person
11/20/201911/27/2019$2,499 per person
11/21/201911/28/2019$2,399 per person
11/22/201911/29/2019$2,499 per person
11/23/201911/30/2019$2,499 per person
11/24/201912/01/2019$2,599 per person
11/25/201912/02/2019$2,499 per person
11/26/201912/03/2019$2,499 per person
11/27/201912/04/2019$2,499 per person
11/28/201912/05/2019$2,399 per person
11/29/201912/06/2019$2,499 per person
11/30/201912/07/2019$2,499 per person
December 2019
12/01/201912/08/2019$2,599 per person
12/02/201912/09/2019$2,499 per person
12/03/201912/10/2019$2,499 per person
12/04/201912/11/2019$2,499 per person
12/05/201912/12/2019$2,499 per person
12/06/201912/13/2019$2,499 per person
12/07/201912/14/2019$2,499 per person
12/08/201912/15/2019$2,599 per person
12/09/201912/16/2019$2,499 per person
12/10/201912/17/2019$2,499 per person
12/11/201912/18/2019$2,499 per person
12/12/201912/19/2019$2,399 per person
12/13/201912/20/2019$2,399 per person
12/14/201912/21/2019$2,399 per person
12/15/201912/22/2019$2,399 per person
12/16/201912/23/2019$2,399 per person
12/17/201912/24/2019$2,399 per person
12/18/201912/25/2019$2,399 per person
12/19/201912/26/2019$2,399 per person
12/20/201912/27/2019$2,399 per person
12/21/201912/28/2019$2,499 per person
12/22/201912/29/2019$2,499 per person
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