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12-Nights Classic Serengeti & Zanzibar - Classic
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Classic Serengeti & Zanzibar
Trips to East Africa can accomplish more than just ticking off a laundry list of incredible animal life sightings. On this 13-day tour through the Serengeti and Zanzibar, you'll have the opportunity to learn about local village life led by a local, see how huts are constructed in farmers' fields, and visit a local spice plantation. Of course, there's plenty of time for wildlife spotting on safari drives through Lake Manyara and Serengeti National Parks to acquire wildlife snaps that'll make your friends and family envious.

Enjoy wildlife drives in the Serengeti, savour traditional cuisine in a local village, take in the views at Ngorongoro Crater, meet local artisans on a village walk, explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town, take in the aromas of a spice plantation tour, relax on a tropical beach.

Simple hotels (8 nt), full-service camping (4 nts).

Group Size Notes
Max 14, avg 10.

Meals Included
12 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 3 dinners

What's Included
Your G for Good Moment: Mto wa Mbu Village Visit and Lunch, Mto wa Mbu Your G for Good Moment: Clean Cookstove Project Visit, Mto wa Mbu. Lake Manyara wildlife safari drive. Serengeti wildlife safari drives. Ngorongoro Crater wildlife safari drive. Scenic flight from Arusha to Zanzibar. Orientation walk in Stone Town. Spice plantation guided tour. All transport between destinations and to/from included activities.

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Nairobi is Kenya's capital and one of Africa's most modern and fastest growing major cities. The original center retains Asian influence in its older buildings with glassy modern buildings. Visit City Market with local produce and handicrafts. Other attractions are: National Museum, displaying ethnographic, paleontological and ornithological exhibits; the Arboretum, with an excellent collection of East African flora; the University, known for its unique architecture; the excellent Kenya Railway Museum; and Nairobi's landmark, the extraordinary Kenyatta Conference Center, the country's most monumental building, visible from miles outside the city. There are casinos at Safari Park Hotel and Inter-Continental, and there's Sunday-afternoon horse-racing. Visit Karen Blixen Museum, where some action of the book and film Out of Africa took place. The beautiful forested Ngong Hills is a spiritual place for the Maasai and an excellent area for hiking and enjoying views of Nairobi and the Rift Valley. Nairobi National Park is a wildlife game reserve.
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November 2019
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11/22/201912/04/2019$3,169 per person
11/29/201912/11/2019$3,169 per person
December 2019
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January 2020
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01/31/202002/12/2020$3,169 per person
February 2020
02/07/202002/19/2020$3,269 per person
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02/21/202003/04/2020$3,269 per person
02/28/202003/11/2020$3,269 per person
March 2020
03/06/202003/18/2020$3,169 per person
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03/20/202004/01/2020$3,169 per person
03/27/202004/08/2020$3,169 per person
April 2020
04/24/202005/06/2020$3,169 per person
May 2020
05/29/202006/10/2020$3,169 per person
June 2020
06/05/202006/17/2020$3,269 per person
06/12/202006/24/2020$3,269 per person
06/19/202007/01/2020$3,269 per person
06/26/202007/08/2020$3,269 per person
July 2020
07/03/202007/15/2020$3,369 per person
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07/17/202007/29/2020$3,369 per person
07/24/202008/05/2020$3,369 per person
August 2020
08/07/202008/19/2020$3,369 per person
08/14/202008/26/2020$3,369 per person
08/21/202009/02/2020$3,369 per person
08/28/202009/09/2020$3,369 per person
September 2020
09/04/202009/16/2020$3,269 per person
09/11/202009/23/2020$3,269 per person
09/18/202009/30/2020$3,269 per person
09/20/202010/02/2020$3,269 per person
09/25/202010/07/2020$3,269 per person
October 2020
10/02/202010/14/2020$3,269 per person
10/09/202010/21/2020$3,269 per person
10/16/202010/28/2020$3,269 per person
10/23/202011/04/2020$3,269 per person
10/30/202011/11/2020$3,269 per person
November 2020
11/06/202011/18/2020$3,169 per person
11/13/202011/25/2020$3,169 per person
11/20/202012/02/2020$3,169 per person
11/27/202012/09/2020$3,169 per person
December 2020
12/04/202012/16/2020$3,169 per person
12/11/202012/23/2020$3,169 per person
12/18/202012/30/2020$3,169 per person
12/25/202001/06/2021$3,169 per person
January 2021
01/01/202101/13/2021$3,169 per person
01/15/202101/27/2021$3,169 per person
01/22/202102/03/2021$3,169 per person
01/29/202102/10/2021$3,169 per person
February 2021
02/05/202102/17/2021$3,169 per person
02/12/202102/24/2021$3,169 per person
02/19/202103/03/2021$3,169 per person
02/26/202103/10/2021$3,169 per person
March 2021
03/05/202103/17/2021$3,169 per person
03/12/202103/24/2021$3,169 per person
03/19/202103/31/2021$3,169 per person
April 2021
04/16/202104/28/2021$3,169 per person
June 2021
06/04/202106/16/2021$3,169 per person
06/11/202106/23/2021$3,169 per person
06/13/202106/25/2021$3,169 per person
06/18/202106/30/2021$3,169 per person
06/25/202107/07/2021$3,169 per person
July 2021
07/02/202107/14/2021$3,169 per person
07/09/202107/21/2021$3,169 per person
07/16/202107/28/2021$3,169 per person
07/23/202108/04/2021$3,169 per person
07/30/202108/11/2021$3,169 per person
August 2021
08/01/202108/13/2021$3,169 per person
08/06/202108/18/2021$3,169 per person
08/13/202108/25/2021$3,169 per person
08/15/202108/27/2021$3,169 per person
08/20/202109/01/2021$3,169 per person
08/27/202109/08/2021$3,169 per person
September 2021
09/03/202109/15/2021$3,169 per person
09/05/202109/17/2021$3,169 per person
09/10/202109/22/2021$3,169 per person
09/12/202109/24/2021$3,169 per person
09/17/202109/29/2021$3,169 per person
09/24/202110/06/2021$3,169 per person
October 2021
10/01/202110/13/2021$3,169 per person
10/08/202110/20/2021$3,169 per person
10/10/202110/22/2021$3,169 per person
10/15/202110/27/2021$3,169 per person
10/22/202111/03/2021$3,169 per person
10/24/202111/05/2021$3,169 per person
10/29/202111/10/2021$3,169 per person
November 2021
11/05/202111/17/2021$3,169 per person
11/12/202111/24/2021$3,169 per person
11/19/202112/01/2021$3,169 per person
11/26/202112/08/2021$3,169 per person
December 2021
12/03/202112/15/2021$3,169 per person
12/10/202112/22/2021$3,169 per person
12/17/202112/29/2021$3,169 per person
12/19/202112/31/2021$3,169 per person
12/24/202101/05/2022$3,169 per person
12/31/202101/12/2022$3,169 per person
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Itinerary Disclaimer
While it is our intention to adhere to the route described below, there is a certain amount of flexibility built into the itinerary and on occasion it may be necessary, or desirable to make alterations. The itinerary is brief, as we never know exactly where our journey will take us. Due to our style of travel and the regions we visit, travel can be unpredictable. The Trip Details document is a general guide to the tour and region and any mention of specific destinations or wildlife is by no means a guarantee that they will be visited or encountered. Aboard expedition trips visits to research stations depend on final permission. Additionally, any travel times listed are approximations only and subject to vary due to local circumstances. Itinerary and map subject to change.