7-Nights Alaska Kenai & Denali Adventure - Classic

7-Nights Alaska Kenai & Denali Adventure - Classic
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Alaska Kenai & Denali Adventure
For travellers looking to explore a more remote corner of North America at a faster (and more active) pace, this eight-day journey through Alaska's vast vistas is just the ticket. Catch the state's greatest highlights including the imposing Harding Icefield, the enchanting Kenai Fjords, the jaw-dropping Denali National Park, and the charming town of Talkeetna. Go north and treat yourself to a week of scenery and smiles.

Hike among glaciers and icefields, discover the history of dog sledding, marvel at the scenery in Denali National Park, Look for bears in their natural habitat

Hotels/motels (5 nts), lofted cabins with ladders (2 nts, shared facilities).

Group Leader
CEO (Chief Experience Officer) throughout.

Group Size Notes
Max 13, avg 9

Meals Included
2 breakfasts, 2 lunches

What's Included
Your Welcome Moment: Welcome Moment - Meet Your CEO and Group. Road trip along the scenic Seward Highway. View Exit Glacier and hike along the Harding Icefield trail. Kenai Peninsula stay. Denali National Park entrance fees. Denali NP dogsled demonstration. Full-day excursion to East Fork Bridge at (Mile 43) in Denali NP. Free time in Seward. All transport between destinations and to/from included activities.

Featured Destinations

Denali National Park

Denali National Park

Denali National Park and Preserve defines the Alaskan Experience. Towering above it all is Mt. McKinley, the highest point in North America. At 20,320 feet, its summit beckons more than 1,000 climbers each year who brave the elements for the chance to scale its majestic face. Denali encompasses 6 million acres of forests, tundra, glaciers and mountains. Moose, caribou, sheep and bears free to roam a wide area of land untouched by man. There are ample opportunities for animal watching, whether it is a grizzly foraging for berries or a golden eagle soaring through the crisp, clean Alaskan air. Denali is one of the few places where visitors come in contact with the Alaskan tundra - a "vast, rolling, treeless plain." The tundra starts at 2,500 feet and extends up along the massive Alaska Range. Muldrow Glacier, which descends 16,000 feet from the upper slopes of Mt. McKinley, comes within one mile of the road.
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Talkeetna offers the traveler a look at the real Alaska as well as the best view of Mt McKinley. Reached year round by car, railroad and airplane, it is a unique town that has been almost untouched by commercialism. Mountain climbers from all over the world leave from here to climb McKinley and add an international flavor to the town during the summer months. Winter visits to the area are becoming increasingly popular, offering dog sledding, Northern Lights viewing and snowmobiling.
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Seward and its surroundings comprise a land of memorable beauty--saltwater bays, blue glaciers, majestic mountains and alpine valleys. Located on the Kenai Peninsula at the head of Resurrection Bay, the city is one of Alaska's oldest communities, and also one of the most scenic.
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Located at the upper end of Cook Inlet in the Gulf of Alaska, Anchorage is Alaska's largest community. This popular tourist destination and crossroads for global air travel is only minutes away from the recreational areas bordering the Gulf of Alaska.
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