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15-Nights TailorMade Southern Africa: Safari & Camping Adventure - Classic
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TailorMade Southern Africa: Safari & Camping Adventure
Make it truly your own. Start with this TailorMade sample itinerary, then work with our Private Travel team to customize the tour. Unforgettable destinations like Southern Africa call for a customized collection of sights and experiences. Experiences in store include a sunset cruise on the Chobe River, a thrilling whitewater rafting ride in the Zambezi River, and full-day wildlife safari drives to spot elephants, lions, rhinos, and more. The ability to pick and choose experiences to your liking makes this Southern Africa tour all the more incredible.

Camp overnight in the pristine wilderness of the Okavango Delta, Take a wildlife safari drive through Hwange National Park, Witness the majestic Victoria Falls

Hotel (7 nts), Lodge (7 nts), Bush camping (1 nt).

Meals Included
15 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 7 dinners

What's Included
Okavango Delta Excursion. Chobe River Sunset Boat Cruise. Chobe National Park Safari Drive. Wildlife Safari in Hwange National Park. Victoria Falls Guided Tour. Boma Dinner & Drumming, Victoria Falls. Panorama Route Scenic Drive. Kruger National Park Open Vehicle Wildlife Safari Drive. Internal flights.

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Johannesburg's contrasts are some of the most extreme in the world; poverty-stricken and overcrowded Alexandra is surrounded by some of the richest suburbs in South Africa, and downtown hundreds of homeless struggle to survive around the Stock Exchange. The contrast between suburb and township is mirrored nationwide, but is more extreme here because of the intense wealth of many of the suburbs, and the sheer size of the townships and their satellite squatter camps. Yet the city as a whole continues to suck in people and skills from all over the country, making it the financial, commercial and cultural powerhouse of South Africa.
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The town of Maun is an eclectic mix of modern buildings and native huts. There are shopping malls, banks, restaurants, a few hotels and some happening bars. Maun is the tourism capital of Botswana and the administrative centre of Ngamiland. It is also the headquarters of numerous safari and air-charter operations.
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The location for the second proposal and remarriage of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in 1975, Kasane has attracted a variety of international publicity due to public figures' affinity for the wilderness of the area. The environment has brought both former US President Bill Clinton and first lady Hilary Clinton, as well as Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to appreciate the environment and wildlife of this town in Botswana. Kasane contains many parks and reserves, including a Snake Park and Crocodile Farm, hot springs, and several forest reserves where animals roam freely, including hippos and elephants.


The park at Hwange covers an area of 5,656 miles². Hwange specialties include thousands of elephants, over 100 different types of animals including Africa’s Big Five and 400 species of birds, strategically placed viewing hides, luxury safari lodges with their own 'off the beaten track' traversing areas, and night drives from the private lodges. These sub-tropical thorn and sand flats on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, were once home to nomadic San (bushmen) who lived off the land and feasted on herds of migrating game. It is a place of great contrasts between wet and dry season, with extremes reminding of the life-giving properties of water.
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Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

The town of Victoria Falls is a pleasant place, created for visitors. There are hiking routes and rental bicycles. There are also trinket shops, selling everything from cheap T-shirts to antique African musical instruments. Carvings of masks and animals are a tradition around the area (as is the bargaining required to purchase them for a reasonable price). The Victoria Falls Hotel, a short walk from the falls, still operates in full colonial splendor and should be seen even by those not staying there. Visit Crocodile Ranch and Craft Village - a fascinating glimpse into Zimbabwean culture. Visit Livingstone, just across the border in Zambia— more than just a tourist town and more character than Victoria Falls. Another appealing side trip is to Chobe National Park, in neighboring Botswana. Chobe is one of the finest game parks in the world.
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Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

This enormous and magnificent park is one of the most popular public game parks in the world. Its density of permanent game is unrivalled with hundreds of different species; 507 birds, 336 trees, 147 mammals, 114 reptiles, 49 fish and 34 amphibians! Sighting the "Big Five" has become a quest for many people on safari, and Kruger National Park has more than its fare share of these, with an estimated 1,800 lion, 9,125 elephant, 25,000 buffalo, unknown number of leopards and 2,300 black and white rhino. These animals became the 'Big Five' because they are the five most dangerous animals to hunt - when injured they attack! There are plenty of other fascinating animals and birds in the African bush.
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November 2022
11/01/202211/16/2022$5,579 per person
11/02/202211/17/2022$5,579 per person
11/03/202211/18/2022$5,579 per person
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11/30/202212/15/2022$5,579 per person
December 2022
12/01/202212/16/2022$5,579 per person
12/02/202212/17/2022$5,579 per person
12/03/202212/18/2022$5,579 per person
12/04/202212/19/2022$5,579 per person
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12/13/202212/28/2022$5,579 per person
12/14/202212/29/2022$5,579 per person
12/15/202212/30/2022$5,579 per person
12/16/202212/31/2022$5,579 per person
12/17/202201/01/2023$5,579 per person
12/18/202201/02/2023$5,579 per person
12/19/202201/03/2023$5,579 per person
12/20/202201/04/2023$5,579 per person
12/21/202201/05/2023$5,579 per person
12/22/202201/06/2023$5,579 per person
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12/28/202201/12/2023$5,579 per person
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12/30/202201/14/2023$5,579 per person
12/31/202201/15/2023$5,579 per person
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