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9-Nights Highlights of Uzbekistan - Classic
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Highlights of Uzbekistan
While it doesn't get a lot of attention, Uzbekistan is a life-changing destination for those who visit. These 10 days will take you through some of the greatest cultural highlights the country has to offer. Marvel at the gorgeous mosques in Samarkand, experience a one-night stay in a traditional desert yurt, and immerse yourself in the diverse culture of ancient Bukhara. Uzbekistan is a must-see for any seasoned or first-time traveller.

Connect with the locals in a desert yurt community, marvel at colourful mosaic buildings, gain an understanding of the cultures of Central Asia.

Hotels (8 nts), yurt (1 nt).

Group Leader
Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout.

Group Size Notes
Max 16, avg 12

Meals Included
8 breakfasts, 1 dinner

What's Included
Your Welcome Moment: Meet Your CEO and Group Your Local Living Moment: Overnight in a Yurt, Aydar Kul Camp. Orientation walk (Samarkand). City tour including a Registan visit. Nurata Shrine visit. Alexander the Great fortress visit. Guided walking tour (half-day, Bukhara). Walking tours (Khiva). City tour (Tashkent). Transport between destinations and to/from included activities.

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The capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent has a growing population of 3 million people. Tashkent preserves its European architecture from old Turkestan and because of its multi-ethnic population Oriental and Arabic touches makes this city a modern and medieval wanderlust. 
Destination Guide
Samarkand Destination Guide
Bukhara Destination Guide
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Aydarkul Camp

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