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7-Nights Classical Greece
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What will you need to pack for this enlightening tour of Classical Greece? A sun hat, your thinking cap, and your competitive spirit for starters. Thought-provoking scenery and stories await in the land of powerful Sun Gods, ancient philosophers, and legendary Olympians. From the world-famous Acropolis in Athens to the sacred Temples of Olympia, and the mountainside excavations of Delphi to the monastery-topped rock formations of Meteora, you’ll walk in the footsteps of Greece’s most renowned and mystical figures-and dance in them, too. A glass of traditional ouzo will loosen your joints to learn the lively steps of the sirtaki, made famous in the classic movie Zorba the Greek. A toe-tapping, hands-on adventure, you’ll also learn the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and how to make traditional tzatziki cucumber dip. Don’t forget to bring your appetite, too!

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Even though you've probably come here to see the "glory that was Greece," perhaps best symbolized by the Parthenon and the superb statues and vases in the National Archaeological Museum, allow some time to make haste slowly in Athens. Your best moments may come sitting at a small cafe, sipping a tiny cup of the sweet sludge that the Greeks call coffee, or getting hopelessly lost in the Plaka -- only to find yourself in the shady courtyard of an old church, or suddenly face to face with an ancient monument you never knew existed. With only a little advance planning, you can find a good hotel here, eat well in convivial restaurants, enjoy local customs such as the refreshing afternoon siesta and the leisurely evening volta (promenade or stroll) -- and leave Athens planning to return, as the Greeks say, tou chronou (next year).
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Olympia, Greece

Olympia, Greece

Olympia is the great Panhellenic sanctuary. The site of ancient Olympia is situated at the foot of wooded Mount Kronos in an area of gentle hills; excavations began in 1875 and are considered one of archaeology’s great achievements. A direct consequence was the revival of Olympic Games by Baron Pierre de Coubertin; the first modern games were held in Athens in 1896. Today, visitors to Olympia are overwhelmed by the impact of ancient remains and their significance. The site’s most important excavations include numerous monuments, such as Temple of Zeus in the Sacred Precinct, Treasuries, and Stadium. There is an excellent Archaeological Museum with a large collection of bronzes, pottery and sculptures unearthed during the excavations.
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Itea is the port for Delphi, one of the ancient wonders of classical Greece. A short drive there reveals the Sacred Way and the famed Shrine of Delphi, where the mythological Oracle was said to foretell the future. An amazing bronze charioteer is among the many treasures in the Delphi Museum.
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The natural sandstone towers of Meteora, Greece, 160 mi/260 km northwest of Athens, are the site of spectacular monasteries. Atop gray-rock pinnacles jutting some 2,000 ft/600 m in the air (meteora means "hanging between heaven and Earth"), these 11th-century religious centers contain ancient manuscripts, ornate icons and Byzantine artifacts.

Spend at least a day in the area and visit the impressive monasteries, including the 615-ft-/200-m-high Megalo Meteoro (Metamorfossis), or Varlaam, which was built in 1542 and features stunning post-Byzantine art. http://www.meteora-greece.com.

For overnight accommodations, you can stay in the town of Kalambaka, located under the rock formations. It has post-Byzantine churches and an 11th-century cathedral (with frescoes) that are worth exploring.

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