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12-Nights London, Paris & Rome
Western Europe
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The setting: London, Paris, Rome. The actors: you, your family, your friends. The plot: Excited travelers arrive in London and have a glorious time. With smiles plastered on their faces, they travel to Paris for another exciting experience. Finally, they’re off to Rome with smiles bigger than they thought possible! The time: Now…and Monograms makes it easy for you to pack up and go!

On this vacation package, we’ve included hand selected, centrally located hotel accommodations in each city, buffet breakfast daily, travel between London and Paris on the high-speed Eurostar train with transfers to/from the train stations, travel by air from Paris to Rome with airport transfers, and sightseeing in each city. Plus, a one-of-a-kind feature is the Monograms Local Host®, a person in each city who is there to assist you and to help your vacation run smoothly. Your first Local Host will meet you at your hotel in London, give you materials to familiarize you with the city, offer suggestions, and answer any questions you may have, so you can start exploring and enjoying your vacation package.

The next morning, after an included breakfast, we’ll pick you up at your hotel for your exclusive sightseeing with an expert local guide. Your sightseeing features the must-see sights like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, as well as a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the iconic church famous throughout the world. Enjoy the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and imagine what it’s like to be royalty! In Paris, among many must-see sights, your sightseeing with a local expert features a visit to famous Notre Dame Cathedral, where Napoleon was crowned in 1804, and a Seine River cruise. There is no better way to see Paris! In Rome, your sightseeing with a local expert includes the sights you cannot go home without seeing: the Sistine Chapel, the infamous Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Vatican Museums, and St. Peter’s Square and Basilica.

In each city, you’ll be treated to inside stories that only locals can tell. Plus, your inside visits with Monograms feature VIP access, which means you get to skip the lines! Vacation time is precious-let Monograms whisk you to the head of the line, so you spend your time exploring the attractions. Additionally, Monograms gives you extra time in each city to explore on your own. Perhaps enjoy a River Thames cruise or West End musical in London, enjoy a dinner at the Eiffel Tower or Lido in Paris, take a Rome underground tour and see the Catacombs. All three cities offer plenty of interesting museums, historic landmarks, sumptuous cuisine, fantastic shopping, and so much more-just ask your Local Hosts for suggestions!

At Monograms, our goal is to make your dream vacation come true and that’s why we take care of all the details for you! Think about the time saved and the hassles you avoid by letting us handle the logistics! What are you waiting for…London, Paris & Rome are waiting!

Included Features:

Guided sightseeing; inside visits and special features are shown in UPPERCASE. ALSO INCLUDED: personal headset for included city sightseeing in Rome.

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Paris, world capital of art and culture, gathers some of the most famous museums and monuments in the world. Like all the world's great capitals, Paris lives at a fast pace, by day, by night and especially at rush hours. Bear in mind that museums and monuments are often less crowded during the week. Sights that should not be missed include: The Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay. Visit any of the many others according to your tastes and interests: the Musee Picasso, Musee Rodin, Musee Carnavalet, Musee Marmottan and the Arab Institute are just a few. Essential Paris monuments are the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe or the Grande Arche de la Defense.
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Valid Date Ranges

July 2019
07/20/201908/01/2019$2,925 per person
07/21/201908/02/2019$2,922 per person
07/23/201908/04/2019$2,918 per person
07/24/201908/05/2019$2,916 per person
07/25/201908/06/2019$2,913 per person
07/26/201908/07/2019$2,913 per person
07/27/201908/08/2019$2,913 per person
07/28/201908/09/2019$2,913 per person
07/29/201908/10/2019$2,913 per person
August 2019
08/05/201908/17/2019$2,913 per person
08/06/201908/18/2019$2,913 per person
08/07/201908/19/2019$2,913 per person
08/08/201908/20/2019$2,913 per person
08/09/201908/21/2019$2,913 per person
08/10/201908/22/2019$2,913 per person
08/11/201908/23/2019$2,913 per person
08/12/201908/24/2019$2,913 per person
08/13/201908/25/2019$2,913 per person
08/14/201908/26/2019$2,913 per person
08/15/201908/27/2019$2,913 per person
08/16/201908/28/2019$2,913 per person
08/17/201908/29/2019$2,913 per person
08/18/201908/30/2019$2,913 per person
08/19/201908/31/2019$2,913 per person
08/20/201909/01/2019$2,913 per person
08/21/201909/02/2019$2,947 per person
08/22/201909/03/2019$2,980 per person
08/23/201909/04/2019$3,012 per person
08/24/201909/05/2019$3,199 per person
08/25/201909/06/2019$3,385 per person
08/26/201909/07/2019$3,385 per person
08/27/201909/08/2019$3,385 per person
08/28/201909/09/2019$3,385 per person
08/29/201909/10/2019$3,385 per person
08/30/201909/11/2019$3,267 per person
08/31/201909/12/2019$3,130 per person
September 2019
09/01/201909/13/2019$3,116 per person
09/03/201909/15/2019$3,140 per person
09/04/201909/16/2019$3,154 per person
09/05/201909/17/2019$3,149 per person
09/06/201909/18/2019$3,149 per person
09/07/201909/19/2019$3,130 per person
09/08/201909/20/2019$3,204 per person
09/09/201909/21/2019$3,297 per person
09/10/201909/22/2019$3,297 per person
09/11/201909/23/2019$3,292 per person
09/12/201909/24/2019$3,286 per person
09/13/201909/25/2019$3,286 per person
09/14/201909/26/2019$3,199 per person
09/15/201909/27/2019$3,116 per person
09/17/201909/29/2019$3,140 per person
09/18/201909/30/2019$3,154 per person
09/19/201910/01/2019$3,149 per person
09/20/201910/02/2019$3,149 per person
09/21/201910/03/2019$3,130 per person
09/22/201910/04/2019$3,116 per person
09/24/201910/06/2019$3,140 per person
09/25/201910/07/2019$3,154 per person
09/26/201910/08/2019$3,149 per person
09/27/201910/09/2019$3,149 per person
09/28/201910/10/2019$3,130 per person
09/29/201910/11/2019$3,116 per person
09/30/201910/12/2019$3,121 per person
October 2019
10/01/201910/13/2019$3,140 per person
10/02/201910/14/2019$3,154 per person
10/03/201910/15/2019$2,893 per person
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