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8-Nights Argentina Highlights
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Mother’s Day? Father’s Day? These are not unique. But Friend’s Day? Only Argentina has a celebrated day for friends (July 20). And in the same vein, only Monograms offers you a friend in the city-your Monograms Local Host®-someone who knows the area intimately and who will answer your questions, offer you suggestions, and be there to help make your vacation memorable. On this 9-day vacation, we’ve arranged for you to have a Local Host in Buenos Aires, Bariloche, and El Calafate. We’ve also coordinated your hotel reservations, sightseeing, and daily breakfast.

Your vacation starts the moment you arrive in Argentina. We can pick you up at the airport and seamlessly whisk you from baggage claim to your selected hotel. Here, your Local Host will greet you with a warm smile and a packet of materials to help you get settled. The next morning, after an included breakfast, we’ll pick you up at your hotel for a private, guided sightseeing tour with a local expert. You’ll hear why the city is called the "Paris of South America," visit the famous neighborhoods, and see the must-see attractions, including the Cemetery of the Recoleta, burial site of Eva Peron. You’ll have plenty of leisure time giving you the opportunity to see a Tango show, visit a traditional estancia (ranch), or explore the various markets.

Then it’s time for the awe-inspiring portion of your vacation. First is Bariloche in the Patagonian Andes, which boasts some of Argentina’s most glorious scenery. Enjoy a chairlift ride to the summit of Cerro Campanario, rated one of the top 10 viewing spots by National Geographic. Experience breathtaking panoramic views and breathe fresh mountain air. During your leisure time, be sure to sample some of Bariloche’s famous chocolate and local beer. Just ask your Local Host for the best place to find these local specialties. After three nights in Bariloche, you’ll travel to El Calafate, in the southern region of Patagonia, where you’ll journey into Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, we’ll take you to see one of the world’s natural wonders, Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the few glaciers in the world that is still advancing. Your senses will come alive as you see and hear the continuous calves of its frozen ice walls. It is nothing short of spectacular!

Monograms has included all of this in your package: hotels, guides, sightseeing, and transportation! That doesn’t include the time and hassles saved as well as the intangibles: seeing a glacier that is advancing...priceless. Capturing a perfect photo of the Andes...priceless. Knowing you have someone there for you in each city to make sure your vacation is what you want it to be...priceless!

Included Features:

Sightseeing with a Local Guide, inside visits, and special features are shown in UPPERCASE

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Dynamic and bustling, a city which seems never to sleep, Buenos Aires is one of the most exciting cities in Latin America. Tango was born here, restaurants serve an all manner of world cuisine, bars play the latest music, cafés spill on to the streets and nightclubs allow dancing throughout the night. Cultural hub of a society which traces its roots to European immigration, it is famous throughout South America for its theatres, museums and galleries. Gucci, Armani, Prada, to name a few, line the boulevards catering for the fashion conscious porteños, their offerings as stylish as anything found in the cities in Europe or North America.
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January 2020
01/31/202002/08/2020$1,739 per person
February 2020
02/01/202002/09/2020$1,739 per person
02/02/202002/10/2020$1,739 per person
02/03/202002/11/2020$1,739 per person
02/04/202002/12/2020$1,739 per person
02/05/202002/13/2020$1,739 per person
02/06/202002/14/2020$1,739 per person
02/07/202002/15/2020$1,739 per person
02/08/202002/16/2020$1,739 per person
02/09/202002/17/2020$1,739 per person
02/10/202002/18/2020$1,739 per person
02/11/202002/19/2020$1,739 per person
02/12/202002/20/2020$1,739 per person
02/13/202002/21/2020$1,739 per person
02/14/202002/22/2020$1,739 per person
02/15/202002/23/2020$1,739 per person
02/16/202002/24/2020$1,739 per person
02/17/202002/25/2020$1,739 per person
02/18/202002/26/2020$1,739 per person
02/19/202002/27/2020$1,739 per person
02/20/202002/28/2020$1,739 per person
02/21/202002/29/2020$1,739 per person
02/22/202003/01/2020$1,739 per person
02/23/202003/02/2020$1,739 per person
02/24/202003/03/2020$1,649 per person
02/25/202003/04/2020$1,649 per person
02/26/202003/05/2020$1,649 per person
02/27/202003/06/2020$1,649 per person
02/28/202003/07/2020$1,649 per person
02/29/202003/08/2020$1,649 per person
March 2020
03/01/202003/09/2020$1,649 per person
03/02/202003/10/2020$1,649 per person
03/03/202003/11/2020$1,649 per person
03/04/202003/12/2020$1,649 per person
03/05/202003/13/2020$1,649 per person
03/06/202003/14/2020$1,649 per person
03/07/202003/15/2020$1,649 per person
03/08/202003/16/2020$1,649 per person
03/09/202003/17/2020$1,649 per person
03/10/202003/18/2020$1,649 per person
03/11/202003/19/2020$1,649 per person
03/12/202003/20/2020$1,649 per person
03/13/202003/21/2020$1,649 per person
03/14/202003/22/2020$1,649 per person
03/15/202003/23/2020$1,649 per person
03/16/202003/24/2020$1,649 per person
03/17/202003/25/2020$1,649 per person
03/18/202003/26/2020$1,649 per person
03/19/202003/27/2020$1,649 per person
03/20/202003/28/2020$1,649 per person
03/21/202003/29/2020$1,649 per person
03/22/202003/30/2020$1,649 per person
03/23/202003/31/2020$1,649 per person
03/24/202004/01/2020$1,649 per person
03/25/202004/02/2020$1,649 per person
03/26/202004/03/2020$1,649 per person
03/27/202004/04/2020$1,649 per person
03/28/202004/05/2020$1,649 per person
03/29/202004/06/2020$1,649 per person
03/30/202004/07/2020$1,649 per person
03/31/202004/08/2020$1,649 per person
April 2020
04/01/202004/09/2020$1,649 per person
04/02/202004/10/2020$1,649 per person
04/03/202004/11/2020$1,649 per person
04/04/202004/12/2020$1,649 per person
04/05/202004/13/2020$1,649 per person
04/06/202004/14/2020$1,649 per person
04/07/202004/15/2020$1,649 per person
04/08/202004/16/2020$1,649 per person
04/09/202004/17/2020$1,649 per person
04/10/202004/18/2020$1,649 per person
04/11/202004/19/2020$1,649 per person
04/12/202004/20/2020$1,649 per person
04/13/202004/21/2020$1,649 per person
04/14/202004/22/2020$1,649 per person
04/15/202004/23/2020$1,649 per person
October 2020
10/22/202010/30/2020$1,759 per person
10/23/202010/31/2020$1,759 per person
10/24/202011/01/2020$1,759 per person
10/25/202011/02/2020$1,759 per person
10/26/202011/03/2020$1,759 per person
10/27/202011/04/2020$1,759 per person
10/28/202011/05/2020$1,759 per person
10/29/202011/06/2020$1,759 per person
10/30/202011/07/2020$1,759 per person
10/31/202011/08/2020$1,759 per person
November 2020
11/01/202011/09/2020$1,759 per person
11/02/202011/10/2020$1,759 per person
11/03/202011/11/2020$1,759 per person
11/04/202011/12/2020$1,759 per person
11/05/202011/13/2020$1,759 per person
11/06/202011/14/2020$1,759 per person
11/07/202011/15/2020$1,759 per person
11/08/202011/16/2020$1,759 per person
11/09/202011/17/2020$1,759 per person
11/10/202011/18/2020$1,759 per person
11/11/202011/19/2020$1,759 per person
11/12/202011/20/2020$1,759 per person
11/13/202011/21/2020$1,759 per person
11/14/202011/22/2020$1,759 per person
11/15/202011/23/2020$1,759 per person
11/16/202011/24/2020$1,759 per person
11/17/202011/25/2020$1,759 per person
11/18/202011/26/2020$1,759 per person
11/19/202011/27/2020$1,759 per person
11/20/202011/28/2020$1,759 per person
11/21/202011/29/2020$1,759 per person
11/22/202011/30/2020$1,759 per person
11/23/202012/01/2020$1,759 per person
11/24/202012/02/2020$1,759 per person
11/25/202012/03/2020$1,759 per person
11/26/202012/04/2020$1,759 per person
11/27/202012/05/2020$1,759 per person
11/28/202012/06/2020$1,759 per person
11/29/202012/07/2020$1,759 per person
11/30/202012/08/2020$1,759 per person
December 2020
12/01/202012/09/2020$1,739 per person
12/02/202012/10/2020$1,739 per person
12/03/202012/11/2020$1,739 per person
12/04/202012/12/2020$1,739 per person
12/05/202012/13/2020$1,739 per person
12/06/202012/14/2020$1,739 per person
12/07/202012/15/2020$1,739 per person
12/08/202012/16/2020$1,739 per person
12/09/202012/17/2020$1,739 per person
12/10/202012/18/2020$1,739 per person
12/11/202012/19/2020$1,739 per person
12/12/202012/20/2020$1,739 per person
12/13/202012/21/2020$1,739 per person
12/14/202012/22/2020$1,739 per person
12/15/202012/23/2020$1,739 per person
12/16/202012/24/2020$1,739 per person
12/17/202012/25/2020$1,739 per person
12/18/202012/26/2020$1,739 per person
12/19/202012/27/2020$1,739 per person
12/20/202012/28/2020$1,739 per person
12/21/202012/29/2020$1,739 per person
12/22/202012/30/2020$1,739 per person
12/23/202012/31/2020$1,739 per person
12/24/202001/01/2021$1,739 per person
12/25/202001/02/2021$1,739 per person
12/26/202001/03/2021$1,739 per person
12/27/202001/04/2021$1,739 per person
12/28/202001/05/2021$1,739 per person
12/29/202001/06/2021$1,789 per person
12/30/202001/07/2021$1,789 per person
12/31/202001/08/2021$1,789 per person
January 2021
01/01/202101/09/2021$1,859 per person
01/02/202101/10/2021$1,859 per person
01/03/202101/11/2021$1,859 per person
01/04/202101/12/2021$1,859 per person
01/05/202101/13/2021$1,859 per person
01/06/202101/14/2021$1,859 per person
01/07/202101/15/2021$1,859 per person
01/08/202101/16/2021$1,859 per person
01/09/202101/17/2021$1,859 per person
01/10/202101/18/2021$1,859 per person
01/11/202101/19/2021$1,859 per person
01/12/202101/20/2021$1,859 per person
01/13/202101/21/2021$1,859 per person
01/14/202101/22/2021$1,859 per person
01/15/202101/23/2021$1,859 per person
01/16/202101/24/2021$1,859 per person
01/17/202101/25/2021$1,859 per person
01/18/202101/26/2021$1,859 per person
01/19/202101/27/2021$1,859 per person
01/20/202101/28/2021$1,859 per person
01/21/202101/29/2021$1,859 per person
01/22/202101/30/2021$1,859 per person
01/23/202101/31/2021$1,859 per person
01/24/202102/01/2021$1,859 per person
01/25/202102/02/2021$1,859 per person
01/26/202102/03/2021$1,859 per person
01/27/202102/04/2021$1,859 per person
01/28/202102/05/2021$1,859 per person
01/29/202102/06/2021$1,859 per person
01/30/202102/07/2021$1,859 per person
01/31/202102/08/2021$1,859 per person
February 2021
02/01/202102/09/2021$1,859 per person
02/02/202102/10/2021$1,859 per person
02/03/202102/11/2021$1,859 per person
02/04/202102/12/2021$1,859 per person
02/05/202102/13/2021$1,859 per person
02/06/202102/14/2021$1,859 per person
02/07/202102/15/2021$1,859 per person
02/08/202102/16/2021$1,859 per person
02/09/202102/17/2021$1,859 per person
02/10/202102/18/2021$1,859 per person
02/11/202102/19/2021$1,859 per person
02/12/202102/20/2021$1,859 per person
02/13/202102/21/2021$1,859 per person
02/14/202102/22/2021$1,859 per person
02/15/202102/23/2021$1,859 per person
02/16/202102/24/2021$1,859 per person
02/17/202102/25/2021$1,859 per person
02/18/202102/26/2021$1,859 per person
02/19/202102/27/2021$1,859 per person
02/20/202102/28/2021$1,859 per person
02/21/202103/01/2021$1,859 per person
02/22/202103/02/2021$1,859 per person
02/23/202103/03/2021$1,859 per person
02/24/202103/04/2021$1,779 per person
02/25/202103/05/2021$1,779 per person
02/26/202103/06/2021$1,779 per person
02/27/202103/07/2021$1,779 per person
02/28/202103/08/2021$1,779 per person
March 2021
03/01/202103/09/2021$1,779 per person
03/02/202103/10/2021$1,779 per person
03/03/202103/11/2021$1,779 per person
03/04/202103/12/2021$1,779 per person
03/05/202103/13/2021$1,779 per person
03/06/202103/14/2021$1,779 per person
03/07/202103/15/2021$1,779 per person
03/08/202103/16/2021$1,779 per person
03/09/202103/17/2021$1,779 per person
03/10/202103/18/2021$1,779 per person
03/11/202103/19/2021$1,779 per person
03/12/202103/20/2021$1,779 per person
03/13/202103/21/2021$1,779 per person
03/14/202103/22/2021$1,779 per person
03/15/202103/23/2021$1,779 per person
03/16/202103/24/2021$1,779 per person
03/17/202103/25/2021$1,779 per person
03/18/202103/26/2021$1,779 per person
03/19/202103/27/2021$1,779 per person
03/20/202103/28/2021$1,779 per person
03/21/202103/29/2021$1,779 per person
03/22/202103/30/2021$1,779 per person
03/23/202103/31/2021$1,779 per person
03/24/202104/01/2021$1,779 per person
03/25/202104/02/2021$1,779 per person
03/26/202104/03/2021$1,779 per person
03/27/202104/04/2021$1,779 per person
03/28/202104/05/2021$1,779 per person
03/29/202104/06/2021$1,779 per person
03/30/202104/07/2021$1,779 per person
03/31/202104/08/2021$1,779 per person
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