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9-Nights Canadian Rockies Circle 2020
Western Canada
Rocky Mountaineer
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Special Promotion: Receive 3 Free Perks Per Couple ($600 Value)

Valid for new bookings made from October 26 – December 20, 2019, for travel from April 1 – October 31, 2020. Please contact your travel advisor for more information.*

*Promotion is subject to availability, may not be combinable with certain fares or other amenity offers, is capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at any time. Other restrictions may apply.


Rocky Mountaineer

Canadian Rockies Circle 2020

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Vancouver is a thriving metropolis surrounded by natural beauty. With parks, beaches, gardens, museums, art galleries and the second-largest Chinatown in North America, Vancouver lives up to its promise of offering something for everyone. With modern buildings set against green, rolling hillsides, this city is breathtaking; no location offers a more spectacular view than Stanley Park - with a zoo, aquarium, totem poles and honking geese. A short walk from the park leads to Robson Street, which offers the town's best window-shopping. Stores with European flavor share the avenue with delicatessens and tea rooms ready to serve. As architectural heart of the city, Robson Square features a central plaza with a food fair and an old provincial courthouse, which now houses Vancouver Art Gallery. Be sure to stop at 8 Pender St. - "the narrowest building in the world." Other points of interest include the Museum of Anthropology; Japanese-style Nitobe Memorial Garden; and VanDusen Botanical Garden. Capilano Canyon is site of the world's longest and highest suspension footbridge.
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Valid Date Ranges

April 2020
04/12/202004/12/2020$4,256 per person
04/12/202004/12/2020$5,765 per person
04/12/202004/19/2020$6,121 per person
04/16/202004/16/2020$4,258 per person
04/16/202004/19/2020$5,748 per person
04/19/202004/19/2020$4,256 per person
04/23/202004/23/2020$4,325 per person
04/23/202004/23/2020$5,856 per person
04/23/202004/23/2020$6,214 per person
04/26/202004/26/2020$4,602 per person
04/26/202004/26/2020$6,187 per person
04/26/202004/26/2020$6,561 per person
04/30/202004/30/2020$4,867 per person
04/30/202004/30/2020$6,564 per person
04/30/202004/30/2020$6,941 per person
May 2020
05/03/202005/17/2020$4,936 per person
05/03/202005/17/2020$6,655 per person
05/03/202005/21/2020$7,034 per person
05/21/202005/21/2020$5,122 per person
05/21/202005/21/2020$6,615 per person
05/24/202005/24/2020$5,142 per person
05/24/202005/24/2020$6,684 per person
05/24/202005/24/2020$7,163 per person
05/28/202005/28/2020$7,048 per person
05/28/202005/28/2020$7,407 per person
05/28/202006/07/2020$5,325 per person
05/31/202005/31/2020$7,168 per person
05/31/202005/31/2020$7,523 per person
June 2020
06/04/202006/04/2020$7,183 per person
06/04/202006/07/2020$7,563 per person
06/07/202006/14/2020$7,197 per person
06/11/202006/14/2020$5,353 per person
06/11/202006/14/2020$7,613 per person
06/18/202006/18/2020$7,189 per person
06/18/202006/18/2020$7,631 per person
06/18/202006/28/2020$5,325 per person
06/21/202006/21/2020$7,197 per person
06/21/202006/21/2020$7,613 per person
06/25/202006/25/2020$7,189 per person
06/25/202006/25/2020$7,773 per person
06/28/202006/28/2020$7,197 per person
06/28/202006/28/2020$7,618 per person
July 2020
07/02/202007/02/2020$5,305 per person
07/02/202007/02/2020$7,096 per person
07/02/202007/02/2020$7,732 per person
07/05/202007/05/2020$7,622 per person
07/05/202007/23/2020$5,325 per person
07/05/202007/23/2020$7,197 per person
07/09/202007/09/2020$7,755 per person
07/12/202007/12/2020$7,622 per person
07/16/202007/19/2020$7,755 per person
07/23/202007/23/2020$7,622 per person
07/26/202007/26/2020$7,295 per person
07/26/202007/26/2020$7,686 per person
07/26/202007/30/2020$5,364 per person
07/30/202007/30/2020$7,246 per person
07/30/202007/30/2020$7,871 per person
August 2020
08/02/202008/02/2020$5,412 per person
08/02/202008/02/2020$7,351 per person
08/02/202008/02/2020$7,794 per person
08/06/202008/06/2020$7,309 per person
08/06/202008/06/2020$7,801 per person
08/06/202008/16/2020$5,404 per person
08/09/202008/09/2020$7,316 per person
08/09/202008/09/2020$7,726 per person
08/13/202008/13/2020$7,243 per person
08/13/202008/13/2020$7,882 per person
08/16/202008/16/2020$7,323 per person
08/16/202008/30/2020$7,749 per person
08/20/202008/20/2020$5,432 per person
08/20/202008/20/2020$7,309 per person
08/23/202008/30/2020$5,404 per person
08/23/202008/30/2020$7,323 per person
September 2020
09/03/202009/03/2020$5,436 per person
09/03/202009/06/2020$7,216 per person
09/03/202009/06/2020$7,900 per person
09/06/202009/06/2020$5,432 per person
09/10/202009/10/2020$5,384 per person
09/10/202009/10/2020$7,323 per person
09/10/202009/10/2020$7,689 per person
09/13/202009/13/2020$5,436 per person
09/13/202009/13/2020$7,316 per person
09/13/202009/17/2020$7,707 per person
09/17/202009/20/2020$5,404 per person
09/17/202009/20/2020$7,323 per person
09/20/202009/20/2020$7,689 per person
09/24/202009/24/2020$5,111 per person
09/24/202009/24/2020$6,876 per person
09/24/202009/24/2020$7,208 per person
09/27/202009/27/2020$4,929 per person
09/27/202009/27/2020$6,520 per person
09/27/202009/27/2020$6,905 per person
October 2020
10/01/202010/01/2020$5,932 per person
10/01/202010/04/2020$4,637 per person
10/01/202010/04/2020$6,315 per person
10/04/202010/04/2020$5,933 per person
Prices are per person based on double occupancy and do not include Canadian tax. Prices are shown in USD as a guideline only and may vary at time of booking due to fluctuations in exchange rate. Taxes and additional fees not included. Holiday surcharge may apply. Departure dates, prices and availability may change at any time. Some restrictions may apply. Rates may vary by category and departure date; please inquire for details. Itinerary and map subject to change.