Experience the Wilds of Africa on a Safari

An African safari conjures images of adventure and unchartered lands. Whether in a hot air balloon high above the wildebeests and zebra running the Serengeti or on stopping on a game drive to photograph a lioness grooming her cubs, an African safari is a vacation of a lifetime.

Africa boasts some of the most dramatic natural wonders the world has to offer. From the sands of the Sahara to the snowcapped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a safari offers an unmatched opportunity to engage with nature while learning about the various cultures and its people. National parks and game reserves are home to a myriad of animals and birdlife, offering a chance for travelers to get close to wildlife in its natural habitat.

FROSCH’s escorted African safaris are custom designed to meet the wishes and the needs of travelers. The collective experience in Africa travel of the FROSCH staff means that all of the details will be carefully tended to, ensuring each person experiences a vacation of a lifetime. With firsthand experience and years in the industry, FROSCH consultants are a phone call away.

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