Epicurean Adventures with Wine Tours, Culinary Tours and Cultural Tours

Eat. Drink. Learn.

The ability to learn, taste, see, feel, touch, and absorb is a wondrous thing. And what could be more amazing than visiting the famed vineyards of Italy to sample the wine or a stop in Paris to learn the secrets of French cuisine for a world-renowned chef. FROSCH specializes in providing these types of unique vacation experiences, contact us for more information.

The Advantages of a
Wine Tasting Tour

Wine can be enjoyed anywhere. But wouldn't you love to visit the cellar of a famed winery in Europe where the owner opens a rare vintage and lets you savor the rare and delectable taste of a treasured favorite? Then off to the vineyards to learn how the grapes of the region influence the flavors of the wine. A wine tasting tour offers all that and more.

Interested in exploring the best wine regions in the world—Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, or something closer to home in California's Napa Valley?

Consider it done. Relax. Enjoy. Salud!

A Taste of Adventure

Perhaps one of the most important, essential elements of a great vacation is fine dining. Culinary tours and instructional cooking class tours don't just offer great food; they make it the essence of your vacation.

Ancient culinary traditions come to life during a cooking class tour. Learn authentic Tuscan cooking in Italy. Discover the native ingredients that bring a special flair to gourmet French cooking.

Experienced chefs offer hands on advice and an insider's knowledge of the cuisine of their region. So whether you're a burgeoning chef or just a dedicate foodie you'll be in culinary heaven with a cooking class tour.

Cultural Tours
to Expand Your Horizons

Cultural tours are eye-opening, mind-expanding opportunities to experience a destination in a completely different way. These small-group excursions take you away from the high-volume tourist areas and let you interact and immerse yourself in the culture of a foreign land. Cultural tours feature expert leaders and guides who will take you deep into the heart and soul of your destination, teaching you customs, explaining religions and philosophies of the native people.

Cultural tours range from tours of urban European cities to explorations of remote South American villages off the beaten path and places and people everywhere in between.

Engage your heart, challenge your mind and open your eyes—cultural tours will change the way you see the world.

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