From salty-desert top to glacier-crowded bottom, Chile is a gobsmacking reminder of nature's beauty and power. This narrow trickle of a country is jammed with enough geysers, mountains, beaches, forests and volcanos to keep adventure nuts slavering for a lifetime. Travellers are mostly drawn to this string bean country because of its spectacular Pacific coastline and Andean highlands, and because of the opportunities it offers for adventure sports. Chile's distinctive culture has survived the violence and repression of its recent history and is thriving once again thanks to a people noted for their warmth and resilience. Despite having the most European community in South America, indigenous traditions persist in the Andean foothills and in the southern plains, while some of South America's finest national parks draw trekkers and guanaco spotters alike.

Achao, Quinchao Island Aguila Glacier Ainsworth Bay
Alberto de Agostini National Park Alexander Selkirk Island Almirantazgo Fjord
Alto Jahuel Ancud Angostura Gabriel
Antofagasta Apalta Valley Arica
Atacama Desert Avenue of the Glaciers Bahia Ainsworth
Balmaceda Bernardo O'Higgins National Park Cajon del Maipo
Calama Caldera Camp Seron
Canal Darwin Canal Moraleda Canal Sarmiento
Carretera Austral (The Southern Highway) Casablanca Valley Chaiten
Chilean Fjords Chillan Chiloe Island
Coast of Chile Colchagua Concepcion
Coquimbo Coyhaique Darwin Channel & Fjords
Easter Island El Brujo Glacier El Quisco
Fiordo de las Montanas Francia & Italia Glacier Fray Jorge National Park
Frutillar Garibaldi Glacier Geoglyphs
Golfo de Corcovado Grey Glacier Camp Gulf of Corcovado
Gunther Pluschow Glacier Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve Humboldt Penguin National Reserve
Iquique Isla Chanaral Isla de Chiloé
Isla Magdalena Isla Mocha Isla Pan De Acuzar
Isla Salas y Gómez Islotes Pajaros Jackson Bay
Juan Fernandez Islands Kirke Narrows La Serena
Laguna Amarga Refuge Laguna Chaxa Laguna San Rafael
Lauca National Park Mapocho River Matanzas, Chile
Messier Channel Millahue Milodon Cave
Montana Fjord Moraleda Channel Murray Channel
Niebla Osorno Parque Futangue
Parry Bay Parry Fjord Patagonia, Chile
Peulla Pio XI Glacier Pomaire
Port Williams Portillo Pucon
Puerto Chacabuco Puerto Corral Puerto Eden
Puerto Montt Puerto Natales Puerto Varas
Pukara de Lasana Pumalín Park Punta Arenas
Puyehue Puyuhuapi Rancagua
Reloncavi Sound Robinson Crusoe Island Rosario Valley
San Pedro de Atacama Santa Cruz Santa Rita
Santiago Santiago (San Antonio) Santiago (Valparaiso)
Seno Agostini Seno Eyre Fjord Southern Aiken Park
Strait of Magellan Talcahuano Temuco
Torres del Paine Tortel Valdivia
Valle Nevado Valley of the Moon Vicente Perez Rosales National Park
Vina del Mar Whiteside Channel Wine Country, Chile
Wulaia Bay Yendegaia Natural Park

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