Bahrain is part of where the state of Baharain gets its name. With 33 islands, Bahrain provides a variety of recreational facilities. The six Hawar islands have been designated a nature reserve. Trips aboard beautifully crafted wooden Bahraini dhow boats are available for those wishing to explore Bahrain’s waters, including scuba diving and pearl diving trips. The crafts of Bahrain are as diverse as its people and date back thousands of years. During Bahrain’s annual heritage festival, many village craftsmen display their skills. No visit to Bahrain is complete without a visit to the local ‘Souq’ - or marketplace. Be attracted by tradional Bahrain Halwa maker (Confectionery) and fresh spice shops. Be dazzled by sparkling gold of the Gold Souq. There are contemporary shopping malls, such as Seef Mall (largest mall on the island), and Al A’ali mall. The newly built Bahrain Mall, Dana Mall and GOSI Complex offer visitors a wide array of shopping facilities. Bahrain is a veritable gourmet’s delight, offering a gastronomic tour of a variety of international cuisines.

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