From the tips of the Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean, this former Yugoslavian republic of Slovenia proclaimed its independence in 1991. Towns along the sunny Mediterranean coast attract visitors with their medieval influences, wine and simple beauty. Slovenia is a also a country of picturesque towns, fishing tradition, seaside hotels and resorts, cultural and historical monuments, karst caves and sinkholes, and visible icons of the region. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a beautiful mosaic of a modern metropolis and historic center. The city’s numerous museums, galleries, theaters and monuments will keep a visitor busy for days. The mighty but accessible Julian Alps is a tourist draw in Slovenia. The area lies within the Triglav National Park, which is one of the largest natural parks in Europe. Unique animals populate the park. Mountaineering and skiing are popular sports enjoyed among visitors to the region. The region is a collection of unbelievable beauty and breathtaking scenery. Slovenia is a republic not to be missed in Europe.

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