Liechtenstein is more like a big ski run than a regular European country. Visitors can look for differences between Liechtenstein and Switzerland, but there aren't many. The village of Vaduz contains most points of interest in Liechtenstein - such as the State Art Collection, Postage Stamp Museum, and Ski Museum. Liechtenstein's premier ski resort Malbun nestles amid the mountains in the country's southeast. Triesenberg, which has a lovely onion-domed church and museum devoted to the Walser, is on a terrace above Vaduz and commands excellent views over Rhine Valley. The town of Appenzell has an old-fashioned air, with traditional old houses, painted fa├žades and lush surrounding countryside. Feldkirch is the gateway to Liechtenstein from the Austrian side of the border, and the town still retains some medieval buildings - such as the 12th-century Schattenburg Castle. The mountains are fine for skiing, hiking, and ski moutaineering.

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