Cloaked in silence, hidden among the hills and plum orchards, monasteries and churches, invaluable heritage of timeless beauty, were created in Serbia from the 10th to the 17th century. Although by the gracefulness of their outside archictecture these churches leave an impression of smallness, it is only on entering them a visitor can appreciate the monumental stories of things earthly and things heavenly they can tell. The eyes of the angels, of the Virgin Mary, of the holy warriors standing their eternal watch, of princes and princesses, of kings and queens, focus on you from the frescoes and icons... One of the founders of these structures, King Milutin, left behind him forty years of reign and the same number of churches. Discover the grandeur of ancient cities and imperial palaces, like Gamzigrad (Romuliana), near Zajecar, or Mediana, near Nis.

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