Greenland remains a land of fantastical and semi-mythical proportions, with aurora borealis, the vast tundra, glittering columns of ice, monstrous glaciers that calve icebergs into the sea and the proverbially tight-lipped Inuit. Ever since 15th-century explorers returned from the distant north with wild and woolly tales of a remote region of brutish hairy pygmies, unicorns, mind-bending visions and citadels of ice, Ultima Thule has been the fantasy of all fantasies. Poets from Virgil and Pytheas to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow have celebrated it in verse; the Weimar Republic used it as a template for one of their mythic Nordic-Germanic societies; and big-haired '70s rock bands, with a penchant for heavy feedback and fuzzy guitar solos, have used it as a clarion call to youthful rebellion.

Aapilattoq Akulleq Alluitsoq
Alluitsup Paa Alpefjord Amerloq Fjord
Ammassalik Antarctic Sund Apelfjord
Arsuk Brae Glacier Arsukfjord Bernstorffs Isfjord
Blomsterbugten Bowdoin Fjord Brattahlid
Brogetdalen Camp Frieda Cape Morris Jesup
Cape York, Greenland Constable Point Daneborg
Danmark Island Danmarkshavn Disco Bucht
Disko Bay Dundas East Coast of Greenland
Ella Island Eskimoness Etah
Evighedsfjord Frederiksdal Frederikshaab
Godthab Hall Bredning Hans Island
Holm Bay Holsteinsborg Hvalsey
Igaliku Ikigait Ikka Fjord
Illorsuit Ilulisat Ilulissat Isfjord
Itilleq Ittoqqortoormiit Ivittuut
Jakobshavn Julianehab Kangaamiut
Kangerlussuaq Fjord Kap Farvel Kap Hofmann Halvo
Kap Sud Kapisillit Karrat Isfjord
King Frederik VI Coast King Oscar Fjord Kitsissuarsuit
Kulusuk Kuumiut Lindenow Fjord
Manitsoq Mid-Greenland Nanortalik
Nansen Bugt Nansen Fjord Napasorsuaq Fjord
Narsaq Narsaq Kujalleq Narsarsuaq
North Greenland Northeast Greenland National Park Northwest Greenland
Nuliarfik Nunap Isua Nuuk
Nuussuaq Ofjord Paammiut
Port Victor Prince Christian Sound Prince Kristian Fjord
Qaanaaq Qaqortoq Qaqortukulooq (Hvalsey Ruins)
Qasigiannguit Qassiarsuk & the Bra Qeqertarsuaq
Qilakitsoq Qilaqitsoq Qingminguartalik
Qullissat Renbugten Rode Island
Rodefjord Rypefjord Sabine Island
Saqqaq Savissivik Scoresby Sund
Sermermiut Sermilik Fjord Shannon Island
Siorapaluk Sisimuit Skargaard Fjord
Skjoldungen Fjord Skjoldungen Island Søndrestrømfjord
South Greenland Station Nord Storefjord
Sydkapp Tasermiut Fjord Tasiilaq
Tasiusaq Tugtilik Tugtutoq
Ukkusissat Unartoq Island Upernavik
Uummannaq Uunartoq Waltershausen Glacier
Watkins Fjord West Coast of Greenland Ymer Island
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7/15/2019 - 7/29/2019 14-Nights Arctic Cruise Adventure: Norway, Greenland & Iceland - Luxury Expedition Cruises Abercrombie & Kent $14995 1327495

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