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Wonders of Tuscany

Relax in the thermal hot springs of the ancient hilltop village of Bagno Vignoni, then discover local specialties while you explore the historic towns of Pienza and Montalcino. Delve into the culture of the region by tasting the regional cheeses and the sumptuous wines.

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A Taste of South America

Sandstone cliffs rising from the desert floor in great swirls of crimson and gold, gaping chasms and rust-red monoliths pressed against the vivid blue sky; it’s surreal, solitary, and breathtaking. This scene in the stunning Quebrada de Cafayate is just the beginning—wait until you peer down from the Brazilian side of spectacular Iguazú Falls. The region’s raw splendor and diversity is unparalleled.

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Backroads of Japan

Tokyo and Kyoto, the modern and imperial capitals of Japan, represent the perfect merger of the ancient and the contemporary. On this trip, you’ll thoroughly explore both and everything in between, from traditional villages and miles of rice fields to ancient temples and the stunning vistas of the Japanese Alps.

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