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This Week's Travel Specials

Scandinavian Capitals

Scandinavia offers an amazing mix of stunning natural beauty and compelling culture and history. Take in the majestic scenery, filled with mountains, fjords, geysers, and perhaps you’ll even be lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights!

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Mayan Trail

Embark on an authentic adventure that will take you into spectacular Mayan ruins and through the cobblestone streets of colonial towns and finally, deep into the jungle of Mexico. Explore the ancient ruins at Chichén Itzá and Palenqu, and dive deeper into their history as you meet descendants of those who built them. 

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Timeless Greece

Enjoy a comprehensive tour through the cradle of Western Civilization, as this journey brings the distant past and vibrant present into sharp focus. Between the must-see historical sites of Athens and Delphi, the rugged plateaus of the fabled Samariá Gorge, personal encounters in isolated Cretan villages, and the breezy way of Santorini at sundown, witness Greece in all her timeless glory.

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Daily Destination

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