Authentic Ethiopian Cooking Class and Coffee Ceremony with a Local Family - Day Trip

Addis Ababa
Authentic Ethiopian Cooking Class and Coffee Ceremony with a Local Family - Day Trip
Addis Ababa
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Daniel and his wife Tigist are from the Oromia region of Ethiopia but love to cook dishes from around the country, so prepare to be served pan-Ethiopian cuisine. Tigist learned to cook helping her mother around the house as a child, and ran her own kitchen after marrying Daniel. Daniel speaks perfect English and enjoys discussing diverse subjects from food and history to politics. Tigist is less confident with English but is incredibly friendly - together they make a great team. Daniel has a master's degree in Social Anthropology and is a tourism professional - he's led trips around Ethiopia for over a decade. He enjoys meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and sharing his rich heritage with them. Daniel and Tigist’s home is in the outskirts of Addis Ababa, a neighborhood not frequented by tourists that is calmer and greener than central Addis Ababa. Their home is comfortable, clean and homey, decorated with pictures of their three boys, who you may meet if your experience takes place during the evening or on the weekend. Ethiopian cuisine is comprised of a variety of spices in its wots (stews) and tibs (curries), making the cuisine hot and piquant. You will eat as Ethiopians do, from communal plates lined with injera, a traditional fermented bread. Injera acts like an edible plate with other dishes served on top of it. The juices soak into the injera, which diners tear off into morsels to eat and even feed each other in a gesture called gursha that is meant to strengthen bonds. Teff flour is used to make the injera bread, which is soft, spongy and perfect to mop up the delicious gravies that soak through it. Your meal will be served family style with injera served alongside an assortment of meat, fish, vegetables and lentils. You will sit around the injera and enjoy your meal from one single platter. As Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee, you will enjoy a traditional coffee ceremony after your meal. If you book a cooking experience, join Tigist in their kitchen where she will show you how to make a traditional Ethiopian dish as well as how to pour and cook the perfect injera. You will also learn to roast coffee beans during this 45-minute lesson. Daniel and Tigist also offer an optional market tour add-on. If you book the market tour, after meeting Daniel at his home, he will take you to Keta/Asco market, a 15-20 minute walk from his home. Here you will be introduced to local ingredients that you will use in your cooking class later. The market is a daily local market known for its spices, cereals, vegetables and other industrial materials. While the market is open on all days, Wednesdays and Saturdays are especially good for visits. Saturday is considered market day all over the country and the market teems with life and people. Please note that on days that Daniel is traveling, his friend and business partner Yadassa will host you along with Daniel's wife, Tigist at their home.

Vacation Inclusions

  • Meal
  • Cooking Class (optional)
  • Market Tour (optional)
  • Lunch (12pm-2pm Meal, 11am-2pm Cooking Lesson, 10am-2pm Market Tour, Cooking Lesson and Meal) OR Dinner (6pm-8pm Meal, 5pm-8pm Cooking Lesson, 3pm-7pm Market Tour, Cooking Lesson and Meal)
  • Vegetarian Options available
  • Transportation available

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Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia. It houses the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commissions of Africa, in result it is often referred to as the capital of Africa. The city’s diversity is clearly apparent when noticing the many churches, mosques, and museums. The main attraction is located in the Ethiopian National Museum where you can find the fossilized skeleton of Lucy, the Australopithecine discovered in the 1970s.
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