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Feel the rush of adrenaline as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Whether it’s riding camels in Morocco, bungee jumping in New Zealand, trekking across China, or whitewater rafting in the American West, you’ll test your own limits and experience the thrill of a lifetime with FROSCH’s Adventure travel division.

Adventure travel by FROSCH offers you the option to set your own pace with a bespoke private tour, or join a crew of like-minded adventurers. Go as a solo traveler, as a couple or group, or with the whole family. You’ll experience your destination in a different light, where the wide sky takes center stage and new facets of the world and yourself are revealed.

Our extensive knowledge of each destination is thanks largely to our local contacts and their years of experience leading guests in both recreation and cultural discovery, adding an in-depth dimension to each trip. As with all travel by FROSCH, we add a touch of luxury and comfort to every trip, something even the most daring of adventurers can appreciate.

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